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  • SC Delta Chapter was the 35th chapter of SAE, founded on February 28, 1882. The Chapter was closed by state law in July 1897, and rechartered on October 3, 1927. There are over 2,900 initiates. The Original Founder in 1883 was James G Glass of Tennessee Omega.


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    While our official charter date is Feb. 28, 1882, in 1856 a student at South Carolina College by the name of Talbot Adams was initiated. He was sent a charter to start a chapter but his efforts failed. He is listed as a member of Alabama Mu.


    This means that had he been successful SC Delta would have been one of the first five chapters of SAE.


    Also, SC Delta members were responsible for founding NC Theta at Davidson College, SC Lambda at SC Military Academy (The Citadel), NC Delta at UNC Wilmington in 1981, and SC Mu at Erskine College (closed).

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