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  • 2017 Housing Report Summary 

    This report is a summary of Courtney Leavitt's presentation to the chapter exec planning meeting in August (all of the below was done over the summer).
    • The mold problem and ventilation ducts were fixed at a cost of about $22,000
    • High top tables and chairs were purchased as well as kitchen tables and chairs
    • New kitchen appliances were installed, at a cost of $15,000 (ovens and stove top to better serve the members)
    • New water fountains installed
    • Rocking chairs added
    • Back porch furniture was added
    • Mortgage balance is now $550,000, a significant reduction
    • Expenses are $160,000 per semester
    • The house corporation breaks even with 62 members
    • The meal plan brings in $172,000 per semester (which is why all members must participate in the plan to pay meals and the mortgage)

    Corporate Officer


    Courtney Leavitt, '00



    Cell (803) 920-1826


    House Mother

    Katie Lisle