• House

  • The groundbreaking ceremony was held in Sept of 2001 on the land that was to become Greek Village. SAE alumnus Mack Whittle '71 and Bobby Sumwalt '49 were active on the housing committee. Mack was on the USC Board of Trusttees at the time and president of Carolina First Bank.
    These pictures show areas where the homes were to be built and a view of the campus. The ceremony was held on the location of the future SAE house (see artists concept in front of the tent). Chapter members attended, as well as alumni Robert Sumwalt, Harry Gregory, Bill McElveen, Bud Mann, Mack Whittle, Dan Ellzey, John Dillard, Buck Daniel, Spann Laffitte (Eminent Archon), and John Stringfellow.


    After the groundbreaking for the new SAE house in September 2001, below are photos of how the construction progressed over the next 9 months before the house was ready for occupation in the summer of 2002


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